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Affiliate marketing from Neon Web Solutions is all about reaching out to those sales and leads your own website marketing efforts would not have been able to generate.
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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online advertising channel in which advertisers pay publishers only for results, such as a visitor making a purchase or filling out a form. Advertisers are online merchants that sell products or services and publishers are independent parties that promote the product or services of an advertiser on their website.

At Neon Web Solutions, we will help you in planning and execution of your affiliate marketing program by carefully indentifying affiliates who would be beneficial in your website promotion. We know that running a successful affiliate marketing program requires more than a good marketing network and software. The overall success of affiliate marketing program is based on the combination of efficient affiliate marketing program manager and efficient allocation of resources. Affiliate marketing program manager is the one who recruit, motivate and communicate with their affiliate marketing partners.

Our affiliate marketing services includes the following activities -
  • Identification of affiliate networks
  • Strategic planning and execution of affiliate marketing campaign
  • Maintenance of affiliate marketing programs

Advantages of using Affiliate Marketing Services

Following are the benefits of affiliate marketing to advertisers -
  • It will open a broader market to sell their products or services in less period of time.
  • Affiliate marketing will allow advertisers to understand the consumer trends and needs by bringing consumers from the different websites.
  • It does not consume large marketing budgets.
  • Affiliate marketing will help advertisers to create brand for their business.
  • Minimal risk is involved in affiliate marketing.
Following are the benefits to publishers -
  • Affiliate marketing will allow publishers to earn extra income from their websites.
  • It requires no investment from publisher's side.
  • Publishers require no sales experience.
  • Publishers can join any affiliate program absolutely free.
  • No-long term binding contracts are required in affiliate marketing.

Are you interested in Affiliate Marketing?

We can help you at any stage of affiliate marketing process, whether you are considering setting up an affiliate network, or want to improve the performance of an existing program. Contact us today for personalized advice and further information.