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Our competitor website analysis provides insight into the requirements of competing with your online competitors. This will be concluded with summary recommendations for your website based on the effective tactics discovered.
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Competitor Website Analysis

Competitor website analysis is performed for a team of business specialists who know nothing about design, usability and architecture. The objective of the analysis for them is to know what the competitors are doing and how they can do it better.

A competitor website analysis serves two purposes - Firstly, it identifies the exploitable holes and drawbacks in your competitor's websites and secondly, it helps us to identify the improvement areas in your website.

At Neon Web Solutions, we know the importance of conducting a competitor website analysis. Our competitor website analysis not only produces usability metrics but also aids decision makers in their strategic goal-setting and planning. Done right, a good competitive analysis can steer a website's promotion in the right direction.

Our basics of conducting your competitor analysis

Our team of experienced SEO experts covers the following factors in competitor website analysis -
  • Home Page - How informative is the home page of the competitor? Does it set the proper context for visitors? Is it just a flash page or frame based page? How fast does it load in browser?
  • Navigation Structure - Is navigation structure of the website search engine friendly? Is it consistent throughout the website? Is the links present in the navigation crawable?
  • Readability - Are fonts readable by visitors? Is the website easy to scan or is it just solid blocks of text?
  • Performance - Does the pages of the website load slowly or quickly? Are the pages of the website multi-platform compatible
  • Content - Are the pages of the website having good keyword density? Does the content seem to match the mission of the organization and the needs of the audience?
  • URL Redirection - Are the files names of the website search engine friendly? Is redirection in the pages of the website properly implemented?
  • Targeted Keywords - What are targeted keywords of the website? Are they properly used in the pages of the website?
  • HTML Code Optimization - Are the pages of the website fully optimized for Google, Yahoo and Bing? Are the pages of the website interlinked with each other?
  • Alexa Traffic Ranking - What is the alexa traffic rankings of the website?
  • Link Popularity - What is the backlinks of the website in Google, Yahoo and Bing?
After doing the brainstorming session with the client, our experienced SEO consultants will compare the client's website and competitor's websites based on the above said factors. Based on it, we will come up with a detailed competitor website analysis report with recommendations and suggestions for the website.

Interested in evaluating your competitor's websites?

If you are looking for high quality and professional competitor website analysis or you would like to discuss your custom competitive website report needs, contact us today to get your professional website analysis report.