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Keyword research is a vitally important aspect for the successful promotion of your online business. If your website is targeting the wrong keywords, your potential customers will not able to find you.
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Keyword Research

Sometimes we don't realize just how much of a difference keywords can make in the overall success of an online business. Search engines searches for keywords or key phrases only in those informative and useful websites which have meaningful content with the highest priority of the keywords.

Many website owners have a myth that keyword research is a very simple task and it can be performed by anyone with the help of free keyword research tools like Overture, Wordtracker, Google Adwords, Keyword discovery, Google Trends etc. But in reality these free tools can only give an approximate idea of keywords which you can target.

But the actual keyword research can only be done by a professional SEO person who does it from user's perspective and potential customer's point of view.

At Neon Web Solutions, we believe that expert keyword analysis is the cornerstone to a successful SEO. Our SEO consultants will identify the most searchable keywords for your website to drive traffic. During initial discussion with the client, we will take a list of preferred keywords from you. We will thoroughly research them and come up with the most searchable keywords for your website with the help of various free and paid SEO tools.

We will incorporate the initial keyword list of the client with our list of suggested keywords and phrases. Then, our SEO consultants will do brainstorming session with the client to finalize the best set of keywords/key phrases pertaining to your business interest.

Why are keywords Important?

You may have spent weeks, months & years in fine-tuning your website pages for better search engine rankings, yet it will a huge loss for you if the right keyword phrases are not targeted for your website. Therefore, the foremost step in the website promotion is identifying your target audience and researching what keyword phrases they might be searching in the search engines to find out your website.

Want to find right keywords for your website?

Are you interested in finding out the right keywords for your website to attract your targeted audience? Contact us today to identify the most searchable keywords for your website.