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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per Click advertising is the fastest way to get qualified and targeted traffic to your website. Pay per Click is totally a flexible and transparent marketing program which will allow you to choose how much you want to pay for a click and how much you budget for every day. The position of ads completely works on a bidding system. Bidder who bids high, will get first position, second highest bidder will position second, and so on.

At Neon Web Solutions, we believe that PPC campaigns serve a variety of purposes. PPC Campaigns will not only increase qualified and targeted traffic, but also help in finding out the best value keywords for future campaigns and natural SEO. PPC campaigns can really give you in-depth knowledge of what your customers are really looking for and how they search. This will translate into more targeted campaigns and better value for money.

Our experienced PPC expert will perform the following activities in order to run a successful ad campaign -
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Setting and Running of PPC Campaign
  • Ad copy and testing
  • Bid management
  • Ongoing improvement & maintenance
We are committed to deliver quality results at the best value for money. We can set up PPC campaigns in Google, Yahoo and Bing on your behalf for maximum exposure. We'll then devote time and effort to track individual keyword performance to identify high value keywords and discontinue non-performing keywords.

Is PPC Advertising Expensive?

PPC Advertising will be expensive and ineffective if it will be handled and managed by inexperienced person or team. At Neon Web Solutions, transparency and accountability is the key of our success.

Our methodology of running and maintain PPC campaigns are simple and seamless. We set up and run PPC campaigns by doing through research. We monitor the conversion rate of every individual keyword. If a keyword is not delivering good conversion rate, we'll simply discontinue it and similarly, if a keyword is costing much more than your budget, we will let you know. This is how we make PPC campaign effective and inexpensive. Keyword research and careful monitoring of spending is the key of any PPC campaigsn. Unlike many other SEO company, we'll only run PPC campaigns on your behalf as long as they deliver good return on investment.

Interested in discussing our Pay per Click Advertising Services?

If you are interested in starting a pay per click advertising program for your website, or if you think your existing PPC campaigns could be improved, please Contact us today.